We specialize in Live Concerts, Corporate Events, Steel Builds, Ballroom Rigging, Arena Rigging, Product Launches, Mobile Marketing Tours, Tradeshows, Business Meetings, Ground Supported Truss and Mobile Stages. Here is a list of our production services.

Consult with Venue Engineers and Determine Load Restrictions

Having a show that works well on paper but not in the venue is what we try to avoid. Doing our homework early only helps in SES providing a flawless show.

Design and CAD Drafting

Our design team are able to take it from the idea in a client’s head to real life. Our team are savvy in both AutoCAD and Vectorworks.

Define Load Restrictions and Calculate Show Weight Loads

Making sure each point load is under the venue’s supporting structural requirements is a must. SES is committed to keeping everyone who is on top, under, or on our rig SAFE.

Determine Gear Rental Requirements

We take the guess work out of determining what your show’s rigging needs will be. Our extensive inventory allows us to keep your costs down and under budget.

Schedule, Contract And Payroll Stagehand Labor

We have skilled labor pools in over 100 cities around the country. We realize having the correct people building your show can make all the difference in being under budget. Whether your show needs Riggers, Carpenters, Electricians, Audio Hands, Climbers, Video Hands, Lift Operators, Camera Operators, Teamsters, Board Operators, or Laborers SES has you covered.

Provide Rigging Supervision

SES has an extensive list of Production Riggers who will work with your shows Technical Team at the Pre-Production stage straight through to leading a team of riggers on Load In.